KCC Class

Because I was studying abroad in Korea last spring, I hadn’t yet been able to get involved in the Korean Conversation Club. I hoped to join so that I could practice and learn more Korean, meet American and Korean students interested in Korean culture, and to expand my international experience while at OU. KCC decided to hold multiple events as well as language classes on Wednesday evenings, which worked well for me because my classes ended right as the meetings began.

Along with a few friends from my study abroad and some new friends, I tested into the Advanced level courses. I was struggling to keep up but appreciated the challenge of such a unique language. As I was taking Spanish this semester after a 2 year break, I was struggling to keep separate Spanish from Korean, at times struggling in either course to recall the correct word. I hope to continue to improve both languages, as Spanish is useful but Korean is important and interesting to me. I will always feel connected to Korea, having many friends there and having grown so much during my semester is there. I’m excited to start KCC classes anew next semester and to try my best to make more like-minded friends!

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