International Floor- Couch 3, Move-in Day

My First Day at OU

When I applied for housing, I had trouble deciding between living on the International Floor or the National Merit Floor.  I chose the International Floor because I figured it would be more interesting to live with people from around the world and because I’d have other opportunities to meet other National Merit Scholars.  I hoped to become friends with people from around the world , and that is what I did.  My roommate, Michelle Velasco Alba, is from Venezuela.  She attended UWC-Red Cross Nordic, the United World College located in Norway.  On move-in day, she immediately introduced me to one of her classmates from RCN, Emils Sietins from Latvia.  Although my parents were sad to leave for the 8-hour drive back to Saint Louis, they were happy to see that I’d already begun to make friends who seemed like a good fit for me.  That night, Michelle took me with her to a party in Traditions East that was full of students who had all attended United World Colleges around the world.  I met people from many different countries and felt so welcomed by all of them even though I hadn’t attended a UWC.  For me, it was inspiring to see such a diverse group of people gathering together here at OU, for I’d been worried about the amount of diversity in Oklahoma in general.  Being one of few Americans at a party seemed like a great start to the next years in terms of surrounding myself with people of different cultures in order to create a unique learning environment full of rich experiences.

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