Mr. & Miss International OU

The Mr. and Miss International OU event was held in  the Meachum Auditorium in the Student Union.  I knew a couple of the people competing, and I was very interested in seeing them present about their home countries.  I think this type of pageant event can be meaningful when there is more focus on culture and less simply on beauty, and I think this event did a good job of showcasing the student’s cultures, as they spoke about their countries, wore traditional clothing, and did a traditional dance from their countries.  I really enjoyed some of the performances.  I feel like attending this event helped me to think more about how we see our own country and how I might present it if asked by someone who knew little.  I’m rarely afforded this privilege.  I’m happy I chose to attend this event because I truly enjoyed the cultural aspect and I enjoyed cheering on the girl competing from the International Floor, Couch 3E– Juliana.  Most of the talent performances were nice to watch, as well.

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