OK State Fair and Chuseok Celebration

I had never been to a state fair before, so, for my first meeting with my OU cousin, we went to the state fair along with some of our friends.  In my eyes, it is about as American an event as possible, thus I was excited to experience it with Yaerin and the other girls.  While there, we ate many delicious foods, including some yummy corn and some friend things.  Also, we enjoyed some of the rickety and dangerous-looking rides. For me, this was an event which is good to attend once, but which I wouldn’t care to experience again.  The crowds of sweaty people, the greasy food, and the creaky rides are fun to experience at least once.

After, we ate some ice cream at Braum’s (because we hadn’t had enough unhealthy food already…) and THEN, we ate even more food when we celebrated Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving, with some other friends.  Chuseok is a time when many of the Korean exchange students miss their families, so it was an important day to celebrate with my friends.  Some had been cooking all day at my friend’s house and Yaerin and I arrived just in time to start eating.  We enjoyed some traditional Korean foods, which were extremely delicious. Having this meal with my friends made me realize that, as I am also away from my family, we have something in common.  We had become family to each other, creating a welcoming home for Americans and exchange students alike—whether this was through OU Cousins or not, I think this type of meeting and celebration is what can truly connect us with each other and help lead to intercultural appreciation, understanding, and respect.


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