OU Cousins, Fall 2017

Each year, the OU Cousins program matches international and American students in order to promote the sharing of cultures and the building of friendship that … borders. I’ve been a member and Cousin since I started at OU, with cousins from Latvia and South Korea. This year, I decided to match with one of my Korean friends. She already had two cousins, but I am worried that my courses are quite demanding, so it seemed appropriate in case I didn’t have much time. She is Haesol from South Korea and studies at the same university where I’ve studied abroad in the past. She has a bright personality, and I had met her by chance while waiting for the bus.

Last semester, she was quite busy, as was I, so we met once for dinner, a few times at parties, and just randomly when we saw each other around campus. We ate dinner with another of her American cousins at Coriander Café and enjoyed conversing about different things—adjusting to life at OU (her other cousin is a Freshman), Korean vs. American culture, and campus life. I hope to spend more time with her next semester and hope she is enjoying her winter break!!

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