OU Cousins Food Event and TUW Cultural Fusion

During my summer in South Korea, my OU friend and I met with two girls who were going to be exchange students at OU during the 2015-16 school year.  We answered any questions they had and talked about our experiences in Korea.  Then, I met one of the girls at the OU Cousins food event and we agreed to be cousins!!  Her name is Olivine/ Yaerin Jang and she is a Sophomore Plant Biology major.

At the event, we ate pancakes and chatted about how her first few days had been. Afterward, we attended a TUW Cultural Fusion night at Couch Restaurants consisting of performances, a fashion show, and yet more free food.  Some of us from the OU Cousins event went together since it happened right after.  I really enjoyed seeing the traditional outfits worn by international students from various countries and wondered what an outfit worn by a U.S. citizen might look like. Overall, these events were fun and helped me to get to know some international and American students.

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